Limbo, 2012, 10 minutes
Music: Takuya Imahori
Soprano: Maki Ohta
Photography: Erika Gentry

Created during an artist stay in Assisi, Italy and inspired by the Catholic culture and natural surroundings of Summer  Limbo explores both my personal state of being during this time and the religious connotation of the word.
In its contemporary context Limbo is any status where a person or project is held up and nothing can be done until another action happens. In scripture, “Limbo of the Patriarchs” or “Limbo of the Fathers” (Latin limbus patrum) is seen as the temporary state of those who, in spite of the personal sins they may have committed, died in the friendship of God, but could not enter Heaven until redemption by Jesus Christ made it possible.


Limbo, 10 mintues

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