Guys Who Like Me

Scalable Mural - Archival Inkjet Print
2013 - ongoing

Guys Who Like Me is a project using appropriated auto portrait imagery from online dating websites. Once a user has chosen to "like" a subject's profile, the image of that user is archived and added to a mosaic referencing Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE postage stamp. The mosaic continues to grow daily for each subject and images are added as they continue to be "liked" until love is found or users choose to leave online dating.

The project explores how images function on the internet and in the world as a means to represent emotions and sell love and a users' "profile". Through our own design, we all strive to be "liked".  Questions of online privacy are also explored through the act of appropriation and republishing.

By referencing Indiana's iconic postage stamp, issues of "love for sale", copyright, disbursement, privacy and self portraiture is explored.

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